A NOTE is not dead.

Dear Friends,

A NOTE is not dead. We are proud to announce that our little film will be shown at the Zaragosa Film Festival in Spain. Find out more about the festival - if you speak spanish that is - HERE.

Enjoy. Crocker

New Festival Dates


"A Note"
ist still going - or shall I say "showing". Check out the Screening page for more information on the new dates.

DOP Freddy is back from the screening in Madrid and promised me a photo-story of the trip spearheaded by an awkwardly folded Origami swan. No news on when he will have framed his digital slides but you will be definetly invited to the slideshow once we have put it online.

We have also received very positive feedback from the people at 20MINMAX Festival in Ingolstadt:Clara Fischer wrote that "A Note" was screened, inbetween two animation shorts, in front of 600 people on the final festival day and got a lot of applause and a lot of people discussed the underlying philosophy of "A Note" - or the possible interpretations thereof". Thank you for the feedback, Clara ...

We're still rollin' - Cracklens

Real Madrid.


Boys and Girls,

"A Note" was selected for screening at the SHORTSHOTS Filmfestival in Madrid, Spain on 16th and 17th of april. The whipped cream on top is the fact that Freddy gets to fly to Spain and spend two nights at a hotel. That's pretty luxurious for a MOB teamrider who is used to sleeping on the floor and picking cat hairs from his toothbrush in the morning. Be on the look-out for a vacation style photo-story from Freddy soon.

Clap your hands and say "Yes", Cracker

HD Freddy Update

Movie People,

after shooting "A Note" Freddy went on and worked as DOP on a student feature film entitled "Trennschaerfe" which, according to my translation widget, means "Adjacent Channel Selectivity". If this sounds weird, wait until you've seen the film. The movie is in one league with "A Note" regarding the level of weirdness. The director, Csongor Dobrotka, is without a doubt a BIG David Lynch fan and leans a lot towards a Lynch-esque atmosphere. Freddy did a very good job making that NOT look like a wannabe. Watch the trailer HERE.

We are rolling! Cracklens

Sight & Sound

All of y'all who haven't fled the sinking ship yet: a new screening date for "A Note" has been confirmed. The film will be shown at the 20 MIN MAX FILMFESTIVAL which will take place on april 17th, 9 pm at the THEATER INGOLSTADT. If you still haven't seen the film but are dying to do so: "A Note" is now available as a bonus feature on the MOB Skateboards DVD "Cracker Made Me Do It". Just in case you happen to stumble upon a skateshop carrying MOB stuff, ask for the DVD. It should be free.

In other news: I have a new addiction and it's called "Pacemaker". The "Pacemaker" is some sort of DJ-iPod but that's not the noteworthy part. What's of interest is the Pacemaker Community. On the Pacemaker Website a free program called "The Editor" can be found which allows you to mix and mingle with your MP3s like a real DJ. there's crossfading, pitching, equalizing - the works. Once you are finished with your mix you can release the mix as an audio stream on the Pacemaker website. Get over and beyond the Techno and House music and there's really a lot of good music on the site to be discovered. You be the DJ ...

Good music I dance, no good music I no dance - Cpt. Cracklens



have you ever heard of a "re-screening"? That's what the folks at the "Guck Mal Kurz" Festival are doing. Unfortunetly, no real information about the event can be found anywhere on the internet. It's all a little confusing for me. Freedy gave me the details and I give 'em to you:

"Nachspiel von Guck Mal Kurz Festival"
on tuesday, 25.11.08 at 7.30 p.m.. The place to be is the Kurt-Schumacher-Akademie, Willy-Brandt-Str.19, Bad Muenstereifel.

In other news: "A Note" will be available on DVD this christmas. The movie will be part of the "Cracker Made Me Do It" DVD released by Hessenmob Skateboards. Check back for more news once you hear the bells on Santas sleigh outside your window.

Auf Wiedersehen, Cracklens

Hollywood, here we come ...


we just got word that "A Note" won the first prize at the Euskirchener Shortfilm Festival "Guck Mal Kurz". We are thrilled, especially because we had forgotten all about entering the film into that festival. What a surprise. Unfortunetly, the official website is still "under construction" - even after the festival already took place. Whatevs, right? We'll use the Euro-Dollars towards our first feature length film which we will be shooting in about four years. Don't hold your breath.

There's also a nice photo-blog about the "Sociometry Fair" in Chicago where "A Note" was screened as a "sociometrical report". Check out the photo-tour HERE.

Check out IS agent Alex Chitty twirling her locks to a screening of the US premier of "A Note".

See you soon, Cracklens


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